Thai Massage Center located in Newlands - Southern Suburbs

Phone: 021 685 0184

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Traditional Thai Massage

 Traditional Thai Massage in Newlands

Let our professional thai massage therapists ease your limbs with a full body Thai massage. The 1 hour Hatyai therapeutic massage involves rhythmic stretching and pressing of the body into yoga-like stretches.

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Thai Head Massage

Thai Head Massage Newlands

This stunning newlands thai massage center will have you leaving your worries at the door, and looking forward to the ecstacy of a prefessional thai head massage! Treat yourself to a Thai Head Massage at our Newlands Branch. Simply contact us and make a booking

Herbal Heat Thai Massage

Herbal Heat Thai Massage Southern Suburbs

This thai massage treatment is performed with the use of aroma therapy during the treatment. The aroma is created from steaming of specific compressed herbs. This tranquil thai massage is prefect for people who do not suffer specific allergies to herbs or to people who have a bad resitance to heat or have blood pressure problems.

Couples Massage

Couples Thai Massage in Newlands

The Couples Massage is an thrilling and sensual massage. Before the massage you might take a wonderful warm shower, after which you can relax. Share the relaxation of a couples massage with your loved one or staff members for a de-stressing opportunity. Your beautiful masseuse will enter the room and proceed to massage your bodies with nice sensuality and affection using fantastic oils.


Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage Newlands

Experience the therapeutic effects of a Thai oil Massage, if you are unfamiliar with Thai Massage, then this is the perfect introduction as it is a little less intense as a traditional thai massage. No need to go to Thailand to experience this awesome art of relaxation, simply visite us in Newlands or Century City

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage Newlands

Visit our new Newlands Thai Massage Center for an unforgettable Thai foot massage. Our Thai massage therapist focusses on stimulating 'reflex points' in the hands or feet using thumb and hand techniques. Each reflex point is linked to a part of the anatomy, such as the kidney or liver. Stimulation of these reflex pressure points is believed to treat/ cure disease or ailments throughout the body form.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage in Newlands

If you are suffering from stress, the back, shoulder and neck massage is targeted at people in the corporate industry who find themeselves glued to their office chairs. If you want to release that tension and you are in the Southern Suburbs, come visit our massage center in Newlands so we can revitalize you with an amazing stress relief Thai massage.

Phone: 021 685 0184
Mobile: 079 043 8193
Operating Hours: Mon to Sun: 9AM to 8PM


202 Newlands Quarters
2 Dean Street, Newlands
Opposite Dean street Woolworths
And above Vida in Dean Street